Someone asked: “Why do you not marry?” He answered, “I have renounced the world and woman is also part of the world.”
Hazrat Maalik said, “Since God has called me His friend I shall sacrifice my all for His sake, and spend my life in following His commandments.”
Hazrat Maalik said, “I went to see a man in the throes of death. I asked him to repeat the name of the Lord. He refused and went on repeating the numbers ten, eleven. I asked, “What does your refusal mean?” He replied, “When I try to pronounce the name of the Lord, I notice a great fire rushing towards me.” Thus he passed away. When I asked the people about him they told me that he used to extort much interest and employed and incorrect scale in his transactions, always giving less amount of goods by under-weighing with a view to profit by dishonesty.”
The daughter of Hazrat Maalik asked him why he did not sleep. He said, “I fear God, and do not know when His grace may fall on me, and finding me asleep go away, besides, I am that unfortunate one who eats the gifts of God and obeys the devil. I tell you if someone at the door of the mosque would call aloud who was the most ignoble being in the world, I would appear before him in answer.”
Sayings of Hazrat Maalik ibn Dinaar:
i. “When I knew the mean nature of the world, I became careless of its opinions about me and my acts.”
ii. “Do not associate with one whose association will not help you after death.”
iii. The Qur’an says, “You remember Me and I shall remember you.”
iv. The Qur’an says, “I shall answer your call and accept your prayers.”