Hazrat Ja’far once summoned by the Caliph. He went there. The Caliph was much pleased with him and wanted to offer some gold. But he refused to accept anything. The Caliph then entreated that he might ask anything to his liking. Hazrat Ja’far said, “If you are pleased, grant me this boon that you never summon me to your presence again, as it dislocates my worship.” The Caliph agreed.
Somebody commented, “Hazrat Ja’far, you put on very costly dress.” He said, “Mark my underwear.” The man thrust his hand below his gown and was shocked to find that the undergarments on the body were made of coarse sack cloth, and by that touch the skin of his hand was scratched all their skin of his hand was scratched all over. He said, “What do these two classes of dress signify?” Hazrat Ja’far replied, “ the outer garment is for the world (to hide my devotion and avoid publicity) and the inner one is for my Lord’s pleasure (Who honors our poverty and cherishes our renunciation).”
Somebody questioned, “Who is to be preferred, Tawangar-e-Shakiri (a rich man who offers gratitude to the Lord for His gifts to him) or Faaqir-e-Sabir (a derviesh lodged in contentment)?” Hazrat Ja’far replied, “The poor derviesh who is lodged in contentment is superior, because the rich is ever pondering over his riches whilst the derviesh is ever engaged in contemplation of the Lord. The Lord Himself praises the repentant converts and holds them superior to pious worshippers. Real remembrance (Zikar) defies all thoughts of world.”
Sayings of Hazrat Ja’far
i. On the Day of Judgment you will not be asked about your wealth or honor, or you ancestry and acquisitions, but for the spiritual practices undergone and the worship you have performed.
ii. God is not met until we are extremely distressed for Him, and seek Him just as a drowning man calls for help.
iii. It is sin to be vain about your worship.
iv. He is a favorite with God and His dear servant who repents every time he sins.
v. The secret was revealed to me when I became mad in love of God.