Makhdoom Alauddin Sabir Ahmad Kalayri

He was born on 19 Rabi-al-Anwal 592 Hijri in Herat, Afghanistan.His father was Syed Abul Rahim, was the grand son of Hazrat Ghaus-ul-Azam Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani and mother, Jamila Khatun, the elder sister of Baba Farid Ganj-e- Shakar.His studies started at home, learnt the Holy Qur'an and some lessons on Arabic and Persian from his father. The mother took special care in his moral and spiritual up bringing. After initial studies at home, he repaired to the care of his maternal uncle "Baba Farid", at Pak-Pattan.His mother left him in the care of his
brother and returned to Harat. She, however, said to her brother on the departure: "My son is extremely shy and quiet; would never say or demand anything. Take care of his food." Baba Farid promised.
Thinking that lest Hazrat Makhdoom should feel shy or cautious, remain hungry sometimes, or that he should get food without asking entrusted him the duty of the distribution of food (Langar) to the people. This was also to train him mentally and practically. He joy-fully accepted the appointment, distributed Lanagr (food) two times a day, in between engaged in prayers, but after the evening prayers he attended to the discourses of Baba Farid. He dispensed with his duties well, did not partake a single morsel form the langar, kept fasts, and
when had nothing to break them in the evenings, would go to the jungle and ate wild berries and fruits.
He did his duties for 12 years. Frequent and continuous fasting made him weak. When his mother came and saw him, she complained to his brother of her son's weakness and alleged that he had kept him hungry. Baba Farid replied: "I appointed him the administration of the langar" Then asked to Sabir: "why did you not eat from it?" Hazrat Makhdoom Sabir replied: "you ordered me to distribute the food and not to partake from it." His reply surprised all. Baba Farid remarked: "He is Sabir (patient). God has not created him to eat." Later the word became a part of his name.
After a long time his mother came from Herat and requested her brother to marry his daughter to her son. Baba Farid replied: "He has nothing to do with marriage. He is lost in meditation and awe-some-ness." The sister said: "This is an excuse since he is an orphan, you decline the request." Baba Farid, upon this, married away his daughter, Khadija, to him. During the night when the bride entered the room, she found him lost in prayers. When finished, he asked who she was. She replied: "your wife!" Hazrat Makhdoom said. "How can I accommodate two in my heart? I have already it to one." As he uttered the words a fire burned the bride to ashes. When attained the outer as well as spiritual knowledge his Teachers, Baba Farid, led him out of his room one day and made him sit in an open place. Hazrat NizamuddinAuliya, who was not bestowed upon the rank of the spiritual heir at that time, attended the ceremony. Baba Farid put a green turban on his head and taught him the secret Ism-e-Azam by blowing into his ear, he became for some while he lost his material senses by that blow.
Later Makhdoom Sabir told Baba Farid that he is willing to go to Delhi, Baba Farid gave hims permission to leave, and said: "My Khilafat Stamp is to Jamal Hanswi (A desciple of Baba Farid), so take the letter of Khilafat & go to him." When Hazrat Sabir reached there, the sun was setting, Hazrat Sabir asked him to stamp his letter of Khilafat. Jamal Hanswi replied: "Now you must be tired, go & take rest, I will stamp your letter in the morning". Hazrat Sabir insisted to stamp the letter right now. (As he was very Jalali in nature). Jamal Hanswi replied: "Now it is dark & there isn't any lamp, so I can't do that now." Hazrat Sabir blew his fingers, and his all five fingers started to burn like a lamp. Jamal Hanswi became angry to see that, and said: "You are showing me your miracle?" He angrily tore the letter of Khilafat of Hazrat Sabir. In reply, Hazrat Sabir tore Jamal Hanswi's praying rug & said: "You tore my letter of Khilafat, I tore your
Qutubiat (Sainthood.)" Jamal Hanswi asked:"Have you tored my Qutubiat (sainthood) Of future or Past?" Hazrat Sabir said: "Future's", Jamal Hanswi replied: "Thank God, Past is saved". Hazrat Sabir then left, and went to the city of Kalayr, which was very congested & large city at that time. On Friday, Hazrat Sabir went to perform the Friday Prayer in the mosque. He went there early, so he sat on the first row. Because his appearance was like poor, with long hair & beard, tored cloths, so every person that came in the mosque, asked him to sit on the row behind, it continued untill whole mosque became full of the people & they cause Hazrat Sabir to sit from outside the mosque. When the Friday Prayer started, Hazrat Sabir turned angry, and said: "O Mosque, why are you still standing? Fall down." The Mosque collapsed, all people inside the mosque died at the moment. Also a disease struck the city & whole city of Kalayr was destroyed.
He stayed on a mound near the ruins of the Kalayr and used to say that loneliness was better than habitation. He was taciturn by nature, and engaged himself whole heartily in prayer and meditation. His awe-some-ness was such as no man could stand to it. He was absorbed beyond description. He stood holding the branch of a goolar tree for 12 years waiting for the revelation of godly presence. The body dried up became thin, and immovable. Only eyes worked until at last he realized the Supreme Being. Baba Farid's inner powers revealed to him Makhdoom Sabir's state, so he asked his all disciples: "Who ever would go to Sabir, I will gave him a gift." One of his disciples "Khawaja Shamsuddin Turk" agreed to go there. Baba Farid directed him not to stand before Hazrat Sabir but serve him form behind his back.(As it would be dangerous to Khwaja Shamsuddin). Khwaja Shamsuddin was a good singer with charming voice, so when he reached to Kalayr, he saw that Hazrat Sabir is in strange condition, movless like a statue, and standing by holding the branch of a tree, and his eyes are up towards the sky. Khwaja Shamsuddin stood on his left side, and start singing some Sufi song in his charming voice. After few moments, Hazrat Sabir came into his senses & said: "Shamsuddin, sit down". Shamsuddin replied: "How could a slave sit when his master is standing". Hazrat Sabir said: "Okay, also let me sit". Because he stood for so many years, so he was unable to sit. Khwaja Shamsuddin helped him to lay down, and then he massaged Hazrat Sabir. Hazrat Sabir asked Khwaja Shamsuddin about Baba Farid, and said: "The Shaikh was nice". When Khwaja Shamsuddin reached back to Pak-Pattan, and told everything about Sabir to Baba Farid. Baba Farid asked him: "Did Sabir asked about me?" Shamsuddin said: "Yes, he said that Shaikh was nice". After listening these
words, Baba Farid became rapture, and said:"Now I've become a Shaikh".
When Khwaja Shamsuddin Turk asked Baba Farid to give him the gift as he promised. Baba Farid replied: "Go to Ali Ahmed Sabir, he will give you the gift". So then Khwaja Shamsuddin left Pak-Pattan, and reached to Kalayr, where he served Hazrat Sabir for some time. Hazrat Sabir taught him & after completing the teachings, Hazrat Sabir told him: "Now you go and join the army, whenever any miracle would occur by you, then be sure that it would be the day of my
death". So Khwaja Shamsuddin left, and joined the army of "Sultan Alauddin Ghauri". After some time The Sultan headed a compaign to attck the state of Chanurgarh, he tried his best but was unable to conquer the fort of the state. So finally he became hopeless & went to Dervishes for seeking their spiritual help to be successful in his campaign. One Darvish told the Sultan that why is he looking for Darvishes here & there, there is one Darvish in his army, and if he would pray, then the Sultan can conquer the fort without wasting time. That Dervish also told the Sultan the signs of the Dervish, that tonight a strong tornado will strike the territory, all of the lamps will be extinguished, but only that Dervish's lamp will remain lighted.
At the midnight the tornado blew up all the lamps, and Khwaja Shamsuddin's lamp was unharmed, at that time he was reading the Holy Qur'an. The Sultan came into his tent, and stood before him like a servant. Khwaja Shamsuddin understood that something is wrong. Sultan asked him to pray for his success, so that the fort would be conquerred, Khwaja Shamsuddin replied: " I'm not a saint, I'm a normal person, how can I do that?" But the Sultan insisted, so finally Khwaja Shamsuddin agreed. but with some conditions that right now the Sultan should accept his resignation, and give him the salary right now, and he will pray after going three miles away from here. The Sultan agreed. So Khwaja Shamsuddin prayed after leaving the place, and on the next morning the Sultan conquerred the fort. Khwaja Shamsuddin remembered the saying of Hazrat Sabir that whenever any miracle would happen by him, it would be the day of death of Hazrat Sabir. So Khwaja Shamsuddin went directly to Kalayr after praying for the Sultan's success.
When Shamsuddin reached to Kalayr, he saw that Hazrat Sabir's dead body is lying on the ground unhurt, and many wild animals and birds are standing around his dead body like his body guard. When Shamsuddin reached near the dead body of Hazrat Sabir, all wild animals & birds left peacefully. Shamsuddin, did his Tajhiz-wa-Takfeen (washing the dead body & burying it). The moment Hazrat Shamsuddin Turk's prayed on 13, Rabi-ul-Awwal 690 Hijri. So it was the date when Hazrat Sabir died. His tomb stands at Kalayr in the district of Saharanpur (India).
Even after his death, people were scared to go to Kalayr. And finally Hazrat Abdul Quddus Gangohi visited his tomb, so later people started to come to Kalayr & to visit his tomb.