• When things are downAnd you are out of your mindJust Remember Allah is The Merciful .
  • When your life is in darknessAnd nothing is rightJust RememberThrough the darkness, Allah is The Light.
  • When nothing makes senseAnd your heading for demiseJust RememberIt doesn't make sense, but Allah is The Wise.
  • When times are troubledAnd no one seems to careJust Remember, that Allah wil care .
    When your heart is breakingAnd your pain makes you fallJust Remember, Allah relieves it all.
  • When you are weakAnd the road seems longJust Remember, Seek strength from The Strong.
  • When life is a burdenAnd everything is unstableJust Remember, Allah is The Able.
    When the way is cloudyAnd there is no one by your sideJust Remember, Allah is The Only Guide.
  • When no one wants to listenOr is willing to lend an earJust Remember, Allah is always ready to hear.
  • When you are poor and pennilessAnd you are stuck in a nicheJust Remember, Allah is The Rich.
  • When you are down in your miseryAnd there is nowhere to runJust Remember,You can always run to The One.
  • When you r all aloneAnd your pain has no endJust Remember, Allah is the only one you can depend.
  • And when your scars are hurtingAnd your heart is in fearJust Remember, Allah is really here

    The Real Believer is the one who love Allah and accept his fate and work hard to strengthen his believes in him and thank him for his mercy and love!!?