In the Name of Allah

Statements of Hazrat Maseehul-Ummat on Tasawwuf and Akhlaq Compiled by Shafeequl-Ummat Hazrat Moulana Muhammad Farouq Sahib (rahmatullahi alay).
) All progress is dependant upon remaining steadfast on the Shariah.
2) The Wealth of Attainment (reaching Allah) is acquired through the Shariah and adherence to the Sunnah.
3) Earning is not your in control, but spending is.
4) Shariat is knowledge. Tareeqat is acting upon that knowledge.
5) Tareeqat actually means practising on the masaa-il of the Shariat.
6) Islaah (spiritual reformation) of the nafs is faraz (Compulsory).
7) The goal and destination of this path of Sulook is the pleasure of Allah.
8) The pleasure of Allah is obtained through following the Shariat.
9) To take bay’at is sunnat.
10) It is compulsory to place oneself into the hands of a (qualified) Shaikh for the rectification of evil deeds
11) Continue to take stock of your actions.
12) Make muraqaba-e-maut (contemplation of death). Compulsory upon yourself.
13) The first step in sulook is to regard yourself as nothing.
14) Bay’at is a sunnat promise. (Bay’at is a sunnat practice through which one pledges and promises to remain steadfast on the teachings and advice enjoined at the time. This was the sunnat promise Rasoolullah sallallahu alaihi wasallam extracted from the Sahaaba at the time of bay’at is termed a sunnat promise).
15) Success lies in informing the Shaikh of your true condition and then following his instructions.
16) Perfection cannot be attained without the guidance of a teacher.
17) One cannot attain perfection without staying in the company of one who is already perfect.
18) One should not interfere in the diagnosis and prescription of the Shaikh. (For example, if the Shaikh diagnosis jealousy in you and prescribes generosity as the cure, then do not believe that you are free from this disease nor opt for another type of cure. Translator)
19) The company of the pious makes one pious.
20) Congeniality is a pre-requisite for gaining spiritual benefit. (Congeniality or munasabat means the existence of such compatibility between Shaikh and mureed that the latter has no rejection for any word or practice of the Shaik. In fact, he readily accepts every statement and act of his Shaikh. When two persons of a different nature cannot travel in this world together, how can two such people tread the Path of Sulook together? - Trans.)
21) The hearts of pious are illuminated by the noor of Allah Ta’ala.
22) The dua of the Shaikh is through the permission of Allah Ta’ala.
23) The Shaikh’s dua is a sign of the blessing and favour of Allah Ta’ala. (No.23 is an explanation of no 22. The Shaikh’s dua is a sign of the blessing of Allah Ta’ala because such dua is through the permission of Allah Ta’ala, meaning that Allah Ta’ala causes the Shaikh to make dua. When the Shaikh makes dua for you, Allah Ta’ala accepts his dua in your favour and blesses you with the good of this world and the hereafter.)
24) Do not reject any statement of your Shaikh. (If you cannot understand something the Shaikh says then regard your understanding to be deficient and not the explanation of the Shaikh.)
25) Have this belief that the Shaikh’s error is better than your correct action.
26) A sign of compatibility is that the mureed loves all actions of the Shaikh. (This means he does not deliberately reject or object to any action or statement of the Shaikh.)
27) The Shaikh should constantly keep an eye on his mureeds.
The fruit of silence is success. (The moment you utter a statement there is the possibility of it being contrary to the Shariah, such as a lie, gheebat, etc., and there is also the danger of being taken to task for it. On the other hand, if one adopts silence then the possibility of being punished for something that was never said does not exist.)
28) Do not speak excessively.
29) The reality of Mujaahadah is to oppose the nafs.
30) Maintain the habit of opposing the nafs.
31) The necessity of Mujaahadah always exists.
32) Sleep and eat to your fill; decrease speech and association with people.
33) Think before you speak.