The importance of growing a beard according to the Ahaadith of Rasulullah and the teachings of the Fuqahaa (Jurists), and the pious spiritual leaders is recorded herein. It has been explained that the growing of the beard was a Sunnah of Rasulullah . It was also the way and the Sunnah of all other Ambiya A.S. A concise and authentic thesis on re-establishing the Sunnah of Rasulullah and all the prophets of Allah.
'Say (O. Muhammad) if you wish to love Allah, follow me; Allah will surely love you'. Al-Qur'an.
By Shaikh Maulana Muhammad Zakariya, (Shaikhul-Hadith, Mazaahirul-Uloom, Saharanpur, INDIA
In this Hadith Rasulullah has declared the keeping of the beard a fundamental requirement of Islam and has described the shaving of the beard as a symbol of the Majoos (fire worshippers). In a well-known Hadith it is related that 'Whomsoever imitates a people, will be regarded as of them'. That is why Rasulullah has commanded us to oppose the Majoos. It is obvious that the growing of the beard is an Islamic injunction and all the Ambiya A.S without exception are agreed on this, as has been already mentioned in Hadith number one. Therefore those who hold this false notion that it was a custom amongst the Arabs to grow beards therefore
Abu Hurairah reports that Rasulullah said: 'Lengthen your beards and cut your moustaches, and in this matter do not imitate the Jews and Christians'. It is indeed unfortunate that today, by apeing the Christians, we are neglecting and destroying this blessed and very important Sunnat of Rasulullah I recall that during my childhood even the elders among the Hindus were accustomed to having beards.
In another Hadith Said ibn Habib relates that Rasulullah could not bear looking at two emissaries that came from the court of King Kisra, because they had shaven their beards. He told them; 'Be destroyed ! Who has told you to make your appearance like this ? ' They replied: 'Our Lord, Emperor Kisra ordered us'. Rasulullah said: 'But I have been commanded by my Lord, Allah to lengthen the beard and cut the moustache'. Hukmul Lih'ya fill Islam.